Mr Linning say what about the Opera House?!

Another Tuesday and yet another lecture and guest speaker. But today was different, today we had our last guest speaker Mr Chris Linning. Chris works as the manager of building information for the Sydney Opera House. Yes you heard me right, the Sydney Opera House! One of Australia’s most iconic symbol as well as home to the performing arts. He stated that the Opera House manages to get approximately 8.2 million visitors per annum along with 17 500 tours and approximately 2400 performance. Imagine all the dedication and organisation as well as space that all those will require to accommodate that many people!


Chris continued by giving us a story about the construction of houses in Swedenthat he came across on one of his trips. He was amazed at how most of the houses built had very large windows for such a cold area. I mean one would’ve built a house with as little and small windows as possible to keep out the chilling air am I right? I was a little confused (okay, maybe a bit more than a little). Maybe they blasted the heater all day and night to keep warm or had a fire place built in for those chilly night. No. Chris explained how they had embraced the technological advancement and had utilised it in the design and development of the houses, claiming that their window glazing were probably two or three times that of Australia’s!

Chris and his presentation on the role of IT and BIM on the Sydney Opera House

Chris and his presentation on the role of IT and BIM on the Sydney Opera House

So of course there had to be a way for someone to stand out from the crowd and Sweden had just done that with their huge windows and glazing. That idea would’ve never popped up in my head (well maybe eventually after months and months of constant thinking HAHAHA). Chris also mentioned about the life cycle of a building, something I haven’t heard about since last semester in my construction 1 class. He said that the life of a typical building is approximately 40 years (give or take a few years) starting from the point of programming and the concept to the building’s demolition. Altogether there were approximately 11 steps throughout. Honestly I’ve always thought that construction only involved the planning and construction of a building. So it was just someone wanting to build a building or development, pays a project manager, the build it according to plan, gives the owner the keys and the whole thing is done and dusted. Boy was I naive.

The building life cycle

The building life cycle


Before concluding, Chris mentioned about a current project that is going on with the Opera House. The project is called VAPS which stands for vehicle access and pedestrian safety. This project, in a nutshell, literally means what the name suggests; to create a way where vehicle access and pedestrians are kept out of danger from one another. As you all know the Opera House caters for a lot of events, which equates to millions of visitors. The chances of something going wrong during those times should try to be avoided. Below is a short video on the VAPS project at the Sydney Opera House.

Oh, and one last thing before I sign off! He mentioned something that I found really cool! So everyone working within the Opera House has one of these ‘cyberkey’ which records where they went and which rooms they’ve entered. So if you’ve opened a door that you weren’t meant to or have been at a place that was off-limits then that information will be sent to the security department and you’ll have some explaining to do. So cool right? Right.



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  2. jessicamatta says:

    How cool is the whole Sweden thing?

  3. jessicamatta says:

    More like “laters sydney! hello sveden!” I have friends there so its cool hahaha

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